Welcome to my "Articles" section. 

In this section you can read a variety of essays that I have written about medicine and life. Even though they are broken down into Editorials, Hot Topics, and Opinion Page Publications, the fact is that most of these essays have appeared on the Opinion Pages of The Morning Call Newspaper.

I enjoy writing very much. In particular, I feel it is important to tell stories that others can relate to and perhaps touch their hearts. I have received countless correspondences from colleagues, patients, and their families, as well as from people from all over the world who have read my essays on the Internet. It has been a complete joy reaching out to others in this way.

Interestingly, I never plan in advance to write anything. In the usual circumstance, I suddenly get an idea in my head and then quickly run to the computer and start typing. Of course, this most commonly occurs at odd hours, like in the middle of the night.

The key to writing is to then put the work aside and not look at it again for a couple of days. It is amazing how many times I thought I wrote something wonderful only to throw it away as junk a few days later.

Most of all, I've learned not to write anything when I am angry. I have probably written hundreds of Letters to the Editor when I was upset about something I had read in the newspaper. Thankfully, I have learned to get most of it out of my system on paper and throw the angry letters away the next day! (I still find it cathartic to write the drafts anyway!)

The final and most important step in writing something that is worth reading is to show the draft to a few trusted friends and professional writers/editors prior to submitting the work for publication. I am fortunate to have some exceptional people who support me in this way.

The most scary thing about writing is that one single word can change the entire meaning and context of a sentence. I can't tell you how many close calls I have had on this issue when thankfully my editors have suggested changing just a simple word or two. In other words, it is very easy to get caught saying something you do not mean and in doing so ruin an essay or worse, hurt someone's feelings.

Even when you go through all of these steps, the final editing comes from the editorial staff at the newspaper. In fact, not a single title on any of my articles are mine. I submit to the newspaper what I think should be a good title, but every single time the editor of the newspaper makes his own titles. I actually have a running joke with Mr. Glenn Kranzley, the Vice-President and Senior Editor of The Morning Call, that I am waiting for the day that he will actually use one of my titles!

Which leads to the final moment when I open the newspaper and pray that there aren't any typos or misprints! Keeping in mind that one word can make a difference, you could only imagine some of the bloopers that can occur! Fortunately, I have so far been spared from any major disasters.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the essays. You may need Kleenex in hand when you read some of them.