I established Singer Heart/Lung Consulting, Inc. in the 1990's to serve many purposes:

  • Educational services, such as organizing symposia, lectures, healthcare business consulting.
  • Medical-legal counseling, specifically, providing medical expert testimony.  If you are interested in this aspect of Singer Heart/Lung Consulting, check out the Expert Testimony page.
  • Health Care Reform is a very hot topic these days, particular with the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare). Check out my Health Care Reform page.
  • Quality and patient safety is paramount.  I am honored to serve as the Vice Chair for Quality and Patient Safety for the Department of Surgery at Lehigh Valley Health Network.  Please review my Quality and Patient Safety page.

Speaking of education...

I was in New York City on Tuesday, September 4, 2001, exactly one week before the 9/11 tragedy. I was attending a surgical education course.   It was only by chance that I had selected that particular week and not the week of September 11.

As I drove out of New York City to return home, I looked back at the city from the Verrazano Bridge and saw the Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan. Looking at the Twin Towers shining in the twilight, my final thoughts were: "It's not so hard to drive around New York. I'll have to bring my family back this autumn to visit and take my kids to the top of the World Trade Center."

On September 11, 2001, I was just about to begin an open heart operation when someone grabbed me to look at the television. They said "a commuter plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Buildings."

Just then, we looked at the television and saw the second explosion. The unbelievable had occurred. The United States was under attack.

I don't know how I got through that operation that morning, but I did. I was stunned to think that I was there only one week prior. I thought of how I must of passed by so many people not knowing they would all perish just a week later. Life is just so fragile.

Like you, since 9/11 I worry for my family and for our country. I worry about my children and all of the children of the world and what the future holds for them.

There is no doubt that today we must fight--we must stay on the offensive. But, at the same time, our tomorrows depends on our ability to educate and feed the world so that all people can live in peace. I pray for peace every night.

I've always enjoyed politics and as you can tell from above, I'm very patriotic.  As a result of my work with various medical societies as well as my community efforts, I've been fortunate to travel to meet some of our leaders and become part of the process. 
Above is a picture of Congressman Charlie Dent and me.  I was attending the American Medical Association Meeting in Washington, D.C. and Congressman Dent invited me to visit with him.

Congressman Dent gave me an insider's tour of the Capitol Building.  It was truly a remarkable visit.  Congressman Dent has a strong interest in healthcare issues and is a big supporter of physicians, nurses, and healthcare workers.

Below are pictures that I took during my visit with Congressman Dent. 

I also had the honor of meeting Senator John McCain. He visited Lehigh Valley Hospital when he was campaigning to be President.  I sat on the stage with him and was given the opportunity to ask him a question concerning federal tort reform legislation--which he supports.

Senator Specter visited the Lehigh Valley in 2009 to discuss his support of teaching hospitals and in particular, his efforts to fund healthcare information technology.

Whenever the President or Vice President comes to town, Lehigh Valley Hospital is asked to stand by in the event of an emergency.  I was planning on attending a campaign event for Congressman Dent that included a visit from Vice President Cheney.  The Secret Service said I couldn't go because I was supposed to be at the hospital standing by.

I brought along his book, Faith of My Fathers.  After the ceremonies were over, he came up to everyone on the stage and shook our hands.  He saw that I was holding his book and he immediately reached out and signed it without my needing to even ask.  Senator McCain is a great man and a true American hero.

Two years later at another campaign event for Congressman Dent, I jokingly remarked that I never got to meet the Vice President nor get my picture taken with him, as Congressman Dent had promised.

So, the Congressman's wife, Pam Dent, called the Vice President's office the next day and sure enough, I got this nice letter and photo signed by the Vice President!

I have a plaque with the original letter and photo in my office.  Not everyone loves Dick Cheney, but I do admire him as a political scientist and I believe that his first and foremost concern was always keeping Americans safe--and that's good enough for me!

I've written a number of editorials on the malpractice crisis.  Please refer to them on my Editorials page.