General Heart Procedures

Approximately 90% of my surgical practice involves heart valve surgery and other forms of complex heart surgery. I still perform lung and chest surgery but my partner, Dr. Misselbeck, has taken the lead in our thoracic oncology practice.

The following list represents the common sub-specialties within the field of cardiothoracic surgery:

  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery (also known as "Congenital Heart Surgery")
  • Heart and Lung Transplant Surgery
  • Adult Cardiac Surgery
  • Thoracic Oncology (Lung Cancer, Tumors of the Chest)

In fact, it is rare these days for cardiothoracic surgeons to combine more than one of these sub-specialties into their practice. Most of the procedures I perform at this point in my career are in the category of "Adult Cardiac Surgery."

Common Heart Operations Performed in My Practice:

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