The Lungs

Sadly, these patients used to have to endure very long and complex procedures that were fraught with complications and the need for a very long recovery time.  Many esophageal cancer patients are able to go home after only a few days in the hospital.  This allows them to recover more quickly and are thus better prepared to receive the often necessary chemotherapy or radiation to help cure them of this challenging disease.

My own mother had lung cancer.  She was 85 years old when she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung.  Doctors told my mother that she only had 8-15 months to live.  Minimally invasive lung cancer surgery saved her life... now age 90 (5 years later!) my mother remains cancer free and is living an active life.

Gertrude Singer

Gertrude Lederer Singer

Lung Cancer Survivor 

Here is a link to the National Cancer Institute to help give you more information on lung cancer: